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Trade Finance Processing

ETFS provides Banks' in the MENA region with an advanced trade services outsourcing solution.

The trade finance processing solution combines the use of workflow, scanning & imaging and bar-coding technologies to provide a scalable trade services platform that automates the full range of trade finance activities.

Back-office processing is paperless / performed using images and this enhances the efficiency of the trade finance process for all parties to a transaction.

Leveraging workflow capabilities, ETFS' back-office operations can be customized to fit all in-sourced banks' trade services authorization and examination operating procedures.


Processing Models

ETFS' design allows for the centralization of processing activities at one location as well as the establishment of "storefront" offices within / throughout a selected region that are linked to the processing environment by leased line. 

Storefront offices comprise a front office, mailroom, a document storage / filing room and scanning stations that are electronically connected to the processing centers and operate as the document collections / scanning point for transactions around their region, transmitting electronic images of documents to their respective processing centers for data input and document examination to be carried out.



ETFS ordinarily determines its fees for processing transactions of in-sourced Banks on an 'activity' or 'click charge' basis for processes performed.  

ETFS does levy an implementation or set up/migration fee and a fee to cover customization and integration work. The fees are dependant upon the initial take-on volumes, the extent of customization of ETFS' generic solution and the desired / required degree of integration to the in-sourced Banks' core operating systems. 


Customer Service

ETFS has an in-house customer service call center that responds professionally to the transaction related queries of customers of in-sourced Banks.


Credit Approvals

The solution successfully separates the processing function from the credit and relationship functions, thus allowing in-sourced Banks to maintain ownership of customer confidential information and relationships.

Credit approval is made possible via the ETFS web-based thin-client bank approval module. The solution also caters for automated limit management through integration. In-sourced banks' retain real-time credit control for transactions, real-time monitoring of the status of transactions, and real-time control over the pricing of transactions. The module provides complete image access online for users to view all inbound and outbound documents linked to transactions.


Online Banking

Customers of in-sourced Banks may opt for secure web-based trade finance banking using ETFS' white-labeled thin-client front-end. The module provides complete image access online for users to view all inbound and outbound documents linked to transactions. The front-end has been carefully designed to balance user-friendly functionality with high-level security features

Should an in-sourced Bank have its own trade finance internet-banking portal, ETFS' solution can provide real-time uploads of outstanding transaction statuses to the in-sourced bank's customer system.  The solution enables in-sourced Banks to operate on separate workflows, utilizing their own internal and external systems to assist the transactions, thereby ensuring individual Bank branding and control throughout the process.


Benefits for in-sourced Banks

The ETFS trade processing solution offers in-sourced Banks the following benefits:

  • Improved bottom lines as fixed operating overheads are replaced by variable processing costs.
  • Improved processing turnaround times through automation.
  • New product offering in the form of web-based services.
  • Access to best-of-breed technologies and upgrades without the capital expense and ongoing maintenance costs.

Performance & Confidentiality

In-sourced Banks sign a comprehensive Service Level Agreement with ETFS. This agreement is prepared and endorsed by separate legal council for the parties. This documentation provides i) Legal protection for customers of ETFS under its confidentiality clauses and ii) Clearly defined transaction processing service level standards. ETFS provides in-sourced Banks with a monthly service level report for monitoring performance against agreed standards